For the Love of Art

Valentine’s Day is just about the only highlight of February and a subpar one at that. You won’t now be surprised to hear that Evan and I don’t celebrate the holiday. Don’t get me wrong — we used to but ceased probably the year after Evan made me a scrumptious late evening meal of bone marrow with parsley salad. Nothing screams poetic love like a giant beef bone charred to perfection and split half way to expose marrow.

Cheesy as it may be, Valentine’s Day is just the opportunity to break up the monotony of cold winter days. The Fleisher Art Memorial‘s Print Love-In provided just the respite from a weekend of Legos, arts and crafts, and more of the same old.

The girls, Evan, and I spent the most glorious 1.5 hours we had in quite some time learning and making. Screen printing, lithography, and many other printmaking methods made available for practice by novices young and old. Not only were the premises impressive but also the artists who served as most patient and willing teachers.

Watchin so many little hands reaching across the print screens excited to see how the picture turns out may have shaken the Valentine’s cynic out of me. And, Evan and I were pleased to observe Eliza and Sophia as most enthusiastic budding artists.

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