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Baby wearing is something I missed the boat almost entirely until we moved into the city. My first, now-long-defunct baby carrier killed my back and was difficult to get on and situate the baby. I eventually found the Original ErgoBaby carrier and used it with Eliza to help cover bigger distances in the city without a stroller — a great advantage especially when getting around Olde City’s cobbled streets. Since then and most recently I was offered the opportunity to review the newest ErgoBaby having been a previous user and a seasoned mom.

For those of you who don’t know much about the brand/product — Founded in 2003, Ergobaby provides smart, ergonomic solutions that enable and encourage bonding between parents and babies. The ErgoBaby was designed with a unique, structured bucket seat. The unique bucket seat keeps baby sitting in a frog-legged, seated position which is most optimal for spine position and ergonomic, as well.

I love that this carrier features all the carry positions, the outward facing one being among the most important ones for me personally. Another feature that I love is the velcro waistband but must note that it makes a really loud noise if you adjust it and that may prove problematic to moms of very young babies as it may wake the baby. Overall, the ease of use and comfort are the top reasons why I have previously and would, without hesitation, recommend this carrier.

ErgoBaby 360 Features

  • Four Carry positions: Front-inward, Front-outward, Hip and Back
  • Adjustable hood to support baby’s head while sleeping, protect from sun and offer privacy while nursing
  • Structured bucket seat to support your baby in an ergonomic seated position.
  • Adjustable waistband (26-55in & 66-140cm) that can be worn high or low to maximize comfort.
  • Adjustable seat width and back panel grows with your baby.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • 100% Cotton Canvas shell and 100% Cotton Poplin lining
  • Machine washable
  • Carrier is usable from day one with your newborn with an Ergobaby Infant Insert (sold separately & for babies 7-12lbs/ 3.2-5.5kg) and through 36 months
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