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Sophia isn’t a girly girl, but she does like to dress up. She asked to have a tutu dress for her birthday party and my parents sourced her a beautiful retro-inspired piece from a small-batch maker in Australia. That is her sole fancy/tutu dress. I wanted her birthday to be memorable and everything about it to be how she liked it. I’ll save the dress and maybe one day, she’ll dress her daughter in it. Though come to think of it, maybe Eliza can have a turn in it in a year or two.

We took the girls out on Saturday for a little photo shoot to commemorate Sophia’s birthday and grab Eliza’s almost 16th month picture, too. I have been waiting to use the cardigan Sophia is wearing for almost four years. My sister knitted it for Sophia in honor of her baby naming. Knitted in bamboo yarn, a deep raspberry red, this raglan cardigan is studded with beautiful and intricate lace stitches.

I seem to recall that the cardigan took something like eighty hours to knit and while I can put a price on the yarn and the hours themselves, the effort, the initiative, and the love that went into it are priceless.


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