Perfect Parfait Por Favor

Sunday mornings are all about sleeping in, sumptuous breakfasts and a lazy day that follows. Sleeping in is a thing of the past in our house and so there is little energy left for sumptuous breakfasts too. Besides, we’re trying to be healthy this week, month, now. Healthy doesn’t have to be bland! I present to you … the easy vanilla parfait with strawberry vanilla stew, and a vanilla almond granola.

The vanilla yogurt was low fat — I refuse to eat anything non-fat because fats help you stay sated & are good for you in moderation. The strawberry vanilla stew was whipped up in 5 minutes while making Sophia’s whole-milk oatmeal (yum) and the granola was Bear Naked!

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  1. bubbie said:

    I think I’ll come to your house on Sundays!!! You sure make yummy things! Love, B

    November 18, 2012

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