Cheat to Eat [Dessert]

I am a self-confessed sweet-tooth. No, my addiction goes beyond that. I don’t crave sugar. Instead, I N-E-E-D deep, intense, rich, and chocolatey treats. I have been known to over-indulge, too. The past sixteen months have enabled me to indulge without guilt first because I was pregnant, and then because I was a nursing mother. Nursing hunger is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Somehow, nursing hunger could always be satisfied with a chocolate treat and almost never with anything savory or healthy. I’ve given in and enjoyed rich desserts and savories. But all good things must come to an end and as we transition Eliza to solid foods, I can no longer eat for the both of us. I also don’t [have time to] hit the gym though—my hats off to any parent of young children who has the energy to go. And with that, I’ve been relegated to find means to satisfy my chocolate needs without compromising my current wardrobe.


Alas, I’ve come across a cookie recipe that doesn’t contain flour or sugar and yet still contains peanut butter (mmm…), oatmeal, and chocolate chips. These went like hotcakes at my house and I’ll be making them again.


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