Weekending: Family

I looked around the apartment yesterday confirming that we are still living with unpacked boxes (more than three months after moving into our current place). Our New Year’s tree is also still up. We are obviously procrastinating and for good reason—we are spending time with family.


ElizaAndDeda2The last four years have been a hibernation of sorts and we are finally thawing out and enjoying what we value most. Our house has become a bit of a revolving door and we couldn’t be happier. Sophia routinely asks “who is coming over today?”.

As expected, family gatherings always involve good food and even the grey of winter cannot put a damper on bringing big, bold flavors into our home.


That’s home-made carrot soup perfumed with ginger and garnished with cilantro, lime and almond gremolata (a radical twist on the traditional) with grilled cheese. Recipe here.

Good food, you see, demands good company. There is an old Russian saying that translates to your food is only as good as those for whom you make it. The soup was delicious and helped spread a gingery warmth throughout the entire house. It was enjoyed by everyone including little Eliza who we are trying to get accustomed to a little bit of spice even at her ripe age of 7 months.



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