Weekending: Family Togetherness

Instead of alternating which side of the family we spend our Thanksgiving with, we have begun to alternate which side of the family hosts the other. In effect, we have figured out how to see our parents, grandparents, Evan’s uncles and their families, my parents, sister and her in-laws every year. It was indeed a large gathering and included some friends, too. And this gathering was hosted by my sister who was gracious enough to open her home to 25+ people on Thanksgiving. It was a truly international holiday with Russian and French flowing freely throughout the house as people feasted. I should probably have grabbed a picture of the table but I was too busy enjoying our families and the food to do that. The table was decorated with flowers of late fall colors and they were surrounded by dishes both traditional and less so. Everyone pitched in by bringing a side dish/dessert. I did acquire a picture (courtesy of my brother-in-law) my sister’s beautiful and enormous honey cake … it was impressive.


Just how impressive? 13 inches in diameter and 7-8 layers tall. The togetherness and warmth made me realize that I had, right there and then, everything that truly matters—our family together.

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