Thrifty Business

I am not at all thrifty … except in one area of my life: time off/vacation. It is a commodity that is in high demand if you’re working. Unlike in those other countries, most Americans get 2-3 weeks off a year. Let me put that in perspective — that is 2 weeks off for every 52 weeks of work. I started working at 12 and I will probably work until 65. That is 53 years of work, 2756 weeks of work and just 106 weeks off (for the average American). I am pretty fortunate that my employer commits to 3 weeks off a year plus 4-5 days of floating holidays. Hubby and I try our best to take full advantage of it. We aren’t fans of wasting our vacation days by taking one here or there just because. We like to make it count and usually take a week or (preferably) more at one time. 1. you can really get away and unwind. 2. you are already paying some cost X to fly or drive or generally get to a destination, so pay it once and enjoy for longer. 3. you can go further if you take more time off. All that said, having a child (especially one like Sophia) is exhausting and sometimes you just need a day off. I’m still trying to decide if it is worth it to take a day off just because.

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