Our Little Gourmand

Imagine my horror if I found out my child wasn’t an adventurous eater! Just thinking about it makes me anxious and I imagine my dining days filled with chicken nuggets and tater tots. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Anyway… since Sophia is now sporting 7.10 teeth (that’s seven and 1/10th :-)), we are working on expanding her culinary palette. The current requirements are that it is flavorful, but not too spicy (some spice is okay), and that it isn’t too dry, too crispy or too dense. May I present to you Orzo in shallot and lemon cream sauce with smoked salmon — Sophia’s dinner yesterday.

Yummy orzo


  1. judi said:

    Is there room for me in that high chair? YUM!

    May 16, 2013
    • Nadya said:

      Yeah there is… it is very tempting not to dig into a pasta in cream sauce. Alas, her metabolism and growth rate are far superior to mine.

      May 16, 2013

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