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Admittedly, we are spoiled with modern technologies and the conveniences that they afford us. We take our washing machines, fridges, tv, internet, cars and air conditioning (and heating) for granted. We don’t even think twice about what we have and feel as if it is our birthright.

As you can imagine, loosing any single one of these conveniences is a sudden and unpleasant shock. Three weeks ago, we lost our fridge and let me tell you… it was a real inconvenience. If we did not have a child, we’d just probably suck it up and get take-out. However, milk needs refrigeration as do all those little soups and kashas. So we made do while waiting for spare parts and technician availability.

At last, and I am afraid to jinx myself saying this, we’ve caught up with 20th century and have a working refrigerator and freezer. Equipped with two new cookbooks, I can’t seem to narrow down the weekend menu.

Now… if only I could get an appointment with Mother Nature and get a technician to fix the water that keeps dripping from the sky (rain) :-). Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day (preferably, a workday).

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