Human Rights

Life just keeps getting more and more exciting. Friday was nocte horribilis filled with 20 minutes of sleep every 20 minutes as Sophia battled teething and what appears to be a cold. All that partying (not that I ever did that much of it, Mom :)) and recuperation didn’t teach me a single thing about recovering from a sleepless night and a cranky child. But life goes and we make do with the lemons handed to us.

Hubby and I got a chance to get away for a quiet meal (or so we thought) for our 5th anniversary. Little did we know, we were driving into the District of Columbia as it was rocking its gay pride parade. The city and its residents were out in full force making a statement for human rights. Good for humanity, bad for parking and traffic. After parking, we decided to make the  most of it… a drink atop the W hotel right next door to the White House. The views were sublime … I imagine especially so for the snipers parked on the roof [of the White House]. The snipers have binoculars and therefore must have spectacular views of all the beautiful bodies at the rooftop bar at the W hotel.

rooftopThe rest of the weekend wasn’t terribly exciting. Thankfully, we ordered take-in from a small mom and pop place we know in Delaware (aka my parents). I think I baked banana nut muffins on Saturday morning, but I don’t really remember. That must be the case because I found one this morning and had it for breakfast. I do remember that instead of cooking Chinese dumplings for lunch before my parents headed out, I laid out a spanish/italian farmer’s lunch complete with burrata, jamon Iberico, baguette, basil and baby tomatoes. It was basic, easy, and perfect. We realized that Sophia is a fan of burrata and baguette.

I believe in human rights — equality for all people and the choice to live your life as you see fit with the partner of your choosing and the right to sleep at least 6 hours without interruption. The End.


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