A Week’s Menu

I struggled finding sample menus for toddlers when Sophia transitioned to solids. Most of the available information focused on recipes for dishes but not well-balanced menus that would describe a typical diet for a week or so. I log what Sophia eats for each course and try my best to vary her diet ensuring she doesn’t get bored. We  like to make sure that she eats whatever is planned for her before trying new foods. This week’s menu is posted below and after looking at it, you will see that we aren’t keen on having too much fat in her diet despite her being a skinny minnie. We limit egg consumption to at most every other day and soups make up at least one meal per day. Kasha (hot cereal) is a staple in our house and I alternate farina and oatmeal hot cereals. Snacks are equally important and because Sophia is not a huge eater, they tend to be bigger. Lastly, and you may have already noticed this, mango is a daily first snack. The mango is a Happy Baby Mango/Spinach/Pear packet that has a lot of fiber and is delicious. Mangos aren’t always in season and the packets ensure Sophia gets a serving all year round.


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