An Egalitarian Household

You didn’t think that we’d hold off on dessert after yesterday’s tantalizingly flavorful dinner, did you?



Presenting…  biskvit. Otherwise known as a Russian sponge-cake. I grew up eating this plain and with filling (as you see here). I am not sure you will find a single Russian person who doesn’t know about this simple cake. Even though I had it when I was little, I never made it myself and finally decided to give it a go yesterday. In truth, I made it because I was faced with four eggs that had to be used – since I cracked them by accident.

We tend to share household responsibilities 50/50 and since Evan cooked his famous shrimp, I thought I’d bake him and Sophia with a simple but delicious dessert. Besides, you can even eat this for breakfast — plain, definitely and like this if you feel like indulging.

Speaking of being an egalitarian family — our nanny has the plague flu and so Evan and I are splitting care-taking duties 50/50. On the positive, this means extra time with Sophia — can’t beat that.

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