Sister Sister

There is no one in the world who is a best friend like my sister. We are by all accounts, fairly different and yet have an unbreakable bond. She is ten years older, smarter, much better read, has a lot of patience and is much, much more responsible. In contrast to her, I am much goofier, more outgoing, impatient and obviously, much, much younger ;-). Despite all of these very serious and contrasting qualities, we manage to be quite goofy when left to our own devices which is, by the way, is almost never.

“Almost never” happened yesterday for a coffee/breakfast date while my parents babysat Sophia and Evan got some extra ZZzzzssss. I finally got a tour of my nephew’s new school. He recently switched schools as his previous only runs until 5th grade. It is a beautiful campus with perfectly manicured lawns where buildings with large windows dot the rolling hills. My sister and I both agree that we would love to go to this school. Then again, we both love to go to school and would be lifetime scholars if that sustained our families.

After strolling through the school grounds, we decided that some coffee was is order. We stopped by the Drip Cafe for lattes and this:

20131021-140707.jpgThis … this is an apple and bacon pancake stack with caramel sauce.

Thankfully, an afternoon of running around Sophia was on my agenda. I would otherwise have no way to rationalize this calorie-laden, delicious breakfast. In the end, it didn’t really matter where we went to, though I will be back to the Drip Cafe. It mattered that we finally got a chance to catch up, just us, to talk about what interested us. When I think about sibling relationships, I understand that not everyone has this closeness, but I also realize that this is the very definition of sibling relationships. This coffee date, these few hours, made my weekend extra-ordinary because I am almost never afforded the luxury of time with my sister.


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