Our sun-kissed vacation seems so far away already. This must be especially so since it snowed here this past week. In addition to snowing, it is also very, very cold and so we’ve been doing quite a bit of lounging in comfy clothes feasting on my mother’s New Year’s spread. I won’t tempt you with a complete list of Baba’s goodies and will instead share a few pictures that show exactly what’s been happening around these parts as of late.

lately1There are few people on this planet who make Sophia as happy as my [our] nephew. Just look at the look on her face! Coincidentally, he’s at the top of my most favorite people, too.

lately3My dad put in some major “Deda” time this week. I think he enjoyed himself… I know Sophia had a blast.


This one is from our vacation as evident from Sophia’s summery dress. She was so determined to blow bubbles on her own.


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