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A few days ago, I woke up in a try something new state of mind. Menu planning is always a challenge as we try for variety in the dishes we prepare instead of sticking to old favorites. Besides, this drive toward variety is the very thing that helps us expose Sophia to new cuisines and flavors. We’d already done pork, chicken and beef in the last few weeks and, truth be told, I had a definite craving for something rich, satisfying and Italian-inspired. Lo and behold … manicotti. But not just any manicotti, these charred green onion manicotti from the Ideas in Food blog.


They sounded so unique and the recipe so interesting that I just had to try making the delicate, green onion crepes and filling them with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan and parsley. The sauce was an adventure, but a very pleasant one thanks to the meat grinder attachment my mother-in-law so generously gifted us. Now that we whipped it out, I’ll likely grind my own meat more often as it is always cheaper.


Alas, this recipe is fairly easy to make if you can master pouring crepe batter which something I’ve recently done. Also, the majority of the ingredients, if not all, are staples in our fridge and pantry. We’re big fans of the blog and own both of the books the authors have published. Their food is delicious and the recipes treat ingredients in a unique way. Last, and most important is the taste — well it was pure heaven. Using homemade crepes as pasta sheets made the dish feel light and angelic. Delicious, lasts for a few dinners and highly recommended.

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