A Case of the Mondays


We are snowed in… again. Dare I mention that its March 17th and we’re a mere few days away from the official start of spring. We have our snow-day routine and responsibilities down! Papa shovels the snow from our driveway while we play and watch cartoons. We horse around a bit especially when I try to get something done in the kitchen. Here’s Sophia in her child’s stand helping out or horsing around or … well, being Sophia. Monday3


Then, it being a snow-day and having just celebrated Purim, we indulge with none other than those hamantashen I mentioned that I baked.

Monday5We have the apricot-filled one on the right sitting atop the cream cheese and chocolate chip one on my much-loved Limoges plate. I can’t tell you which one I prefer except that the cream cheese and chocolate ones were a pleasant surprise. I still have quite a bit of apricot filling left so I may have to bake another batch. Can that be a bad thing? I used this recipe for the dough, this recipe for the apricot filling with the caveat that I use Turkish apricots and then used 4 oz of cream cheese, a half a cup of chocolate chips, a quarter cup of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla for the chocolate chip filling. Mmmmmm. These little pillows of filled goodness are keeping us warm and comfortable while the outside looks like this:



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