A Snow Day

What date is today? March 3rd? Are you sure? MarchSnow

This is what our back yard looked like today. The snow was heavy enough that we both worked from home and tag-teamed childcare. Thankfully, Sophia is pretty good at occupying herself now-a-days. We started the morning with some dancing…


and transitioned to calmer activities like painting.



The end of our workday called for something comforting, something with chocolate — naturally. And so, I whipped up a batch of chocolate muffins. Seems luxurious, right? Well it was. At first, I was worried whether or not the batter would fit into my muffin tins, and then I was worried whether or not the muffins would come out of the tins. First world problems, no?



Turns out, I didn’t have to worry about the muffins coming out of the tins, or their taste for that matter. See for yourself.


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