Things are Nuts Around Here

There is nothing like the vibrancy of summer to kickstart my desire to get into the kitchen and turn out something delicious. I’ve been on quite the baking binge lately including loaves, brownies, sour cherry slab pie and now this walnut-pecan coffee cake.


Thank goodness we’ve had visitors so that they can help out with consumption or else I fear I would bake and cook faster than we can consume and my svelte figure would surely suffer. 🙂 I’ve taken a liking to reading cookbooks. There are wonderful ones out there that are not packed with just recipes but personal stories and perspectives that highlight the rationale behind the author’s culinary style. David Lebovitz and Yottam Ottolenghi both do a wonderful job of luring the reader into their books. All that reading and the amazing pictures in their cookbooks has now resulted in a queue of things I’ll be cooking including roasted banana ice cream and fattoush.

Drama1Looks like I am not the only busy bee at our house …


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