Changes are almost never easy. I suppose the attitude with which you face transitions makes all the difference in how you perceive your experience in hindsight. This isn’t about our transition to a family of four, though I must admit that I must have forgotten how sleep deprivation can hit you like a wall of bricks. Nature works magic to make you forget about those early weeks on purpose or else everyone would have just one child.

I am fascinated by seeing how Sophia is adjusting and transition from being an only child to a being an older sister. While I am not an early childhood expert, I do understand that having time to yourself and mimicking certain new behaviors at home can help. And so, there was no better time than today to finally unpack a doll’s stroller Sophia received from my aunt for her 2nd birthday.


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  1. Dana said:

    Wow, what a nice stroller! Go Sophia, I see she’s rocking her new life 🙂

    June 26, 2014

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