Never Too Busy

Being heavily pregnant and having a toddler running around was definitely not enough to occupy our lives and so we decided to throw some home renovations into the mix. I mean why not? One you’re infinitely busy, adding any extra business will still make you infinitely busy. After all, mathematics states that infinity plus anything is still, well, infinity. We’d never really done renovations or construction in our home save for window replacements and gutters and the likes. I was very worried about the noise/dust/dirt factor and also about finding a good contractor. So to start small and slow, we decided to renovate an upstairs hall bath that is used by the girls. We interviewed a few contractors and decided to give a reasonably unknown company a chance. We’re very happy with the result. Before I show you the pictures, let me tell you that it was loud, and dusty and a long four last weeks of my pregnancy and a week or so once I was just home from the hospital. That being said, I found the design and finish selection to be very rewarding albeit daunting at first.

Some design considerations that we made:

  • Chose a gray and blue tile palette
  • Designed and ordered a custom vanity cabinet that was actually more reasonably priced than ready-made and made of solid wood
  • Replaced the shower curtain look with a glass door that swivels
  • Chose a shower fixture with an additional removable hand shower that is height adjustable to make showering easier for children



Because the bathroom will be used by children, we decided to go with faucets that do not have separate hot/cold adjusters as children can get burned with turning on just the hot water.Bath3
I am especially proud of our cabinet design which we came up with on our own. We designed the cabinet with two, 5 inch pullout step stools that also have built in storage in them, too.




And lastly, speaking of bathrooms, they are for bath-time! Eliza’s first bath!

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  1. Dana said:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, she looks just like Sophia! Loved the infinity joke, sounds like my life 🙂

    July 10, 2014

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