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Spring is here — albeit a slightly chilly one. We’ll take it anyway … I hear it didn’t show up in Canada. Sunny weather willed us out of the house and some help from my parents in the form of babysitting enabled a day out and about.

What to do, what to do? You know, when you don’t go out regularly and are so busy with work and house and baby to the point of being seriously overwhelmed, you don’t even know what to do when you do get a chance to get out.

We decided to go into D.C., since we don’t often go there unless for an appointment and it feels great to be among people. The city is finally green and the drive on a windy road along the Potomac River, sans traffic, was beautiful. Once in the city, we made good on our promise to see Faking It — a photography exhibit that explores manipulation before photoshop. While at the National Gallery of Art, we walked through the American Furniture exhibit which displayed gorgeous pieces.
American Furniture Expo

Dining Table

A brief respit and nourishment in the form of tacos — cow tongue anyone? — and we were off to see the latest in construction, design, architecture and styling of homes at the 2013 D.C. Design House.

The house was large and very lovely. In fact, it was far larger than it appeared on the outside and that perhaps is one of the things I liked about it most.

Courtesy of D.C. Design House

If hubby and I were ever fortunate enough to have an opportunity to design and build a home for our family, we would strive to design it such that it appeared smaller than it was. It didn’t feel sprawling and yet was spacious.

Before going into the house to take a look, hubby and I agreed to look through the house (also currently listed for sale) and then guess the price to see if we were right. We couldn’t have imagined the asking price — a whopping 14.9 million dollars. But then again, 10 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, a 4-car garage, a pool, two kitchens, two laundry rooms, a living room, a media room, a breakfast room, and much much more probably costs quite a bit. It didn’t have a huge lot, but it was in the Palisades — a tony part of the city. I have quite a few ideas of how to decorate our very empty and very-much-in-need-of-remodeling house. As we headed home from the exhibition, I remember saying to hubby that I guess I could be forced to live in a place like that. I was jesting of course — it would be absolutely glorious. That said, none of it would be the same if you don’t have a family to share it with. What makes a house like that sing is laughter, children’s voices, family.



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