Living the Wild Life

Checking in on day 2 of a much-needed 3-day weekend. We decided to stay local and check out some of the things that are going on around the D.C. area. That’s one of the things that this city has going for it: things to do and places to be. Since the weather is chilly but pretty much gorgeous, we decided to head to the zoo. Our local rabbits, deer, chipmunks and the likes have all become too regular for Sophia and we figured a few lions, and tigers would spice things up. We weren’t the only ones with this brilliant idea as you can imagine. It was packed. Since it was our first time at the National Zoo, we took it easy and got the lay of the land. The elephant exhibit got seriously high marks today. Here’s hubby providing prime viewing opportunity for Sophia.

Elephant Exhibit

… I on the other hand was in charge of all things water… like the turtles who were sunbathing.

Turtles… She also liked the lions and once we did all that, it was time to get home for some needed respit and sustenance.

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