A Country Hora

The kids are asleep, the house is quiet and I can finally recount our most marvelous weekend over which we celebrated my sister-in-law’s beautiful country wedding. Before I share the details, I should preface how this wedding came to be.

My new brother-in-law is infatuated with all things equestrian and country and his infatuations seem to have rubbed off onto my sister-in-law. A wedding complete with horses, a country band, and a hoedown is what the bride and groom desired and an authentic country wedding is what they and their guests were treated to on a gorgeous early fall day.

The ceremony was held inside a barn built in the 17th century in the heart of Pennsylvania’s horse country. The chuppah was draped in linens gifted to the bride’s great grandparents on their 25th anniversary—in 1939. The flowers were a perfect representation of fall without succumbing to the typical oranges, yellows and maroons. The flower girls wore jean dresses with tule tutus hand-sewn by the mother-of-the-bride.


The reception was held inside a large tent erected on a beautiful green lawn surrounded by the lush countryside. The reception started after sundown and so the tent sparkled in the distance. The guests walked from the ceremony to the reception tent on a path lit by lanterns. It was so romantic, so ethereal. The walk to the tent itself set one’s mood for the spectacular feast that awaited once there.

Inside the tent the tables were long and rectangular with beautiful runners and low floral arrangements highlighting the antique [looking] plates. The guests didn’t just feast on the table scape but were treated to an amazing feast complete with a pie and ice cream stations, wedding cake and a bourbon tasting bar. When in Paris… or in the heart of Pennsylvania’s country country, one should be entertained by a country band. I had never seen a country band play the hora, but this one did and did a pretty good job of it too.

The bride and groom looked so happy, so in love that they seemed to be in a world of their own. The real magic of the day was, however, in the family and friends that came from far and wide to share and celebrate in this couple’s special day. Evan, myself and even Sophia all had special roles. I was a bridesmaid, Evan a groomsman and Sophia a little flower girl. Additionally, Evan … with some input from me, selected all the liquor for this wedding which we both thought to be an awesome responsibility; a good party has to have good drinks. I had to bring our nanny from Maryland to babysit Eliza and then Sophia so that we could attend and participate in the wedding. Being a nursing mom who was also a bridesmaid and a mother of a young flower girl was no small feat and I am relieved that Sophia walked down the isle, that Eliza took the bottle and that I was able to enjoy such a great party … and get a few pictures of my own.




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