A For Effort

My mom has an aunt who is an extraordinary person. She is sage, kind and giving—the type of a person I aspire to become. She hosted my mom and her sister during their college years while both attended pharmacy school and then, years later, she hosted my sister while she attended university before we emigrated here. I never lived close enough to her, but I have over the years developed a great rapport with her and correspond with her (in Russian) to this day. Our correspondence offers me good practice of my written Russian and a link to my past which inevitably will shape my future. But this post isn’t really about my great aunt; It would take more than one post to describe just how amazing she is and how much I try to learn from her.

Not every aunt is like my mother’s aunt and my mom is fortunate to have had someone so amazing in her life all since birth. This weekend, I learned that my kids are just as fortunate to have an aunt like my mother’s and what’s more, an uncle too.

This is a celebratory month for our family and this past Friday, Evan and I dashed off to Philadelphia to celebrate his cousin’s engagement. My mom was working the evening and so my sister, her husband and my nephew convened at my parents’ house to look over Sophia and Eliza. My sister hasn’t ever babysat our girls because she doesn’t live close to us but I had no doubt she would rise to the challenge.

I peeked through the front door of my parents’ house and at precisely 5 PM I saw my beautiful sister carrying a box full of games and puzzles. She was ready for battle babysitting. My nephew and brother-in-law followed shortly thereafter. Evan and I dashed out the door to make our event and knew full well that all would be well at home. We received regular updates and pictures, too.

I would be remiss not to mention that things do not always go according to plan and despite my sister and brother-in-law’s best efforts Sophia didn’t take a bath and Eliza refused the bottle. These things happen and it was not due to lack of love, care or trying. They both get an A for effort. Effort is all that matters. In fact, this is exactly it—Eliza and Sophia are so very lucky to have these two wonderful people in their lives who make time for them and care about them.

Sophia and Eliza paid in love and kisses. I will never forget seeing how Sophia ran and hugged my sister right after she arrived. It was love and I know now that is how it will always be.


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