Amazing Grace

Anyone who has visited this space regularly will know that we are fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing family (here, here, herehere and here) who go out of their way to help. I have however, until this very day, held back one amazing post. Not because it was not deserved but rather because I was afraid that if I had shared, she and the magic she wields would somehow disappear. But I cannot any longer and in good conscience be quiet about the amazing grace of my mother-in-law. In all our adventures as parents and even before then, my mother-in-law has lent a helping hand. She has been instrumental in this move, both in instigating and making it come to fruition, by helping to sort, pack, take care of the kids and generally offer support.

Tiara and magic wand courtesy of Grammie


Judi came into the city to lend a helping hand with Sophia and Eliza yesterday since Evan was on a long day trip. Sophia was already asking if Grammie is coming back again this evening. That is the ultimate validation. Through the years (the many, many years) that we have known each other, I have time and again witnessed the amazing grace of my mother-in-law and it is time I shouted from my rooftop just how grateful I am for her.

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