We The [Young] People…

Mondays, as I have just learned, are best spent in the company of friends, walking to a beautiful museum and spending a glorious morning there with your daughter. Now that I know this, I shall endeavor to spend more Mondays in just this very way.
A good friend of ours happens to have a lovely tradition where she takes her two and a half year old son to a different museum/event every Monday. She was coming into town to visit the Constitution Center and invited me and Sophia to join in. The invitation was an offer I couldn’t resist and so Sophia and I [with a hot cup of tea in hand] headed off toward Philadelphia’s Independence Mall.


I love, love, love the recently constructed Constitution Center. It is a modern, light-filled building offering a variety of exhibits from art to educational multi-media displays that teach about the various inner workings of our nation’s government. I know that some may think that Sophia is a little young for this type of a museum but my outlook on these kinds of outings is simple: Sophia and soon enough Eliza being part of our family, will participate in our family activities and learn to find something to learn and enjoy in every situation. In fact, Sophia and her young partner in crime loved the 3-D models of our government buildings in the nation’s capital as well as the interactive displays about states where one could see the official flag and bird for each one. Sophia and I went through the voting exhibit too and having had to go into a faux voting booth with her, I can say with a mild tinge of disappointment that she seems to side with a party the views of which directly oppose mine.

The kids were marvelous in the museum and soon enough we decided to take them to a nearby playground for some fun in the sun and lunch. The day was a great success. I enjoyed my time with a great friend whose child is close in age to Sophia during an educational experience within walking distance to our home, time outdoors and the sights and sounds of the city during the peak of fall foliage.

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