A Mid-Week Stuff Fix

Sometimes you just need a fix … a little something to carry you over until the weekend. Sometimes, its a dessert, sometimes, a good book and in this case, the fix is a series of links to things that I am going gaga over.

I’d do anything to get a chance to play with this dollhouse. Sophia has a dollhouse already. Hers is smaller, but something like this is perfect for the 4+ crowd. Coincidentally, I am in the 4+ crowd already, so can I get one?

Perusing my beloved Moma museum store lead me to this stamp set. You see, stamps are all very in at our house and this set is not only fun, but educational. And while on the subject of Moma … and faces, here’s something I just picked up for Sophia.

I would definitely try and get one of these, or something like when decorating a nursery. Sophia’s nursery is mellow, yellow and accented with butterflies. I’d definitely go a little bolder next time.

We don’t get a chance to get out to the movies often, but Chef looks promising. We’re foodies and enjoy a good food truck once in a while.

Lastly, and I am of course late to this party, but maybe you are, too. I love, love, love pretty much every knitted piece on this site as well as the yarns. They’re oh so pricey, but oh so dreamy.

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