Weekending: Honoring Albuquerque

Years ago, I had quite a few business trips to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I fell in love with the area, the regional cuisine and their chile peppers. People travel from far and wide during the chile harvesting season to pick, buy and preserve these incredible edibles that turn any food into something extra ordinary. New Mexican chiles aren’t always spicy either and some are verdant, floral and amazing.

Coffee, wine, chocolate and chiles are among foods the taste and flavor of which is greatly affected by the terroir. My trips to Albuquerque or perhaps those who I was with and what I was working, are the reason I have grown to appreciate these green and red rockstars. I have been reminiscing about those days and trips recently and decided that I should cook something with some chiles. Enter enchiladas verdes. The recipe I used called for poblano peppers which are so very floral, so mild and mouthwateringly good. Mixed with tomatillos and spiced with cumin, they bring me right back to many a happy dinner in New Mexico.



The enchiladas bathed in the verde sauce and topped (at least partially) with some jack cheese before going in the oven.

March8thWeekend3Bubbling hot and out of the oven the enchiladas fill the house with such an aroma. They’re not as sinful as you may expect and serve a huge crowd  — perfect for mid-week dinner and lunch leftovers. This and the salmon cakes were my two culinary accomplishments this weekend. March8thWeekend1We dressed the salmon cakes which had no bread in the recipe with some sweet potato oven fries, roasted broccoli, home-made tartar sauce and a crispy salmon skin hubby insisted on making. Speaking of hubby, he cooked my mom’s famous sous and I can smell that all the way in the office as I write this. We traded off playing with Sophia while cooking and as you can see, painting and those glorious tulips were all the rage this weekend.


We tried going to the children’s theater to see an age-appropriate play but it had been sold out, so we went to on a long walk stopping by a toy-store and treating Sophia to a mini etch a sketch — an oldie but goodie. Lastly, I admit, I lied, I also made brownies this weekend but since I’ve made them and regaled you with pictures before, I decided not to tease. They’re still just as good. Mmm…

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