A Mother-Daughter Day

September in Philadelphia can be magical. These last few days brought a reprieve from the heat and humidity and teased us with what is yet to come once fall arrives. I didn’t want to miss out by sitting in my office on such gorgeous, sunfilled days. So, I took a day off and spent it entirely with my mom.   

By the time I retire, I will have had approximately 660 vacation days. Six hundred and sixty over 45 years of service is … too few. No matter, even that realization will not sway me to be a stay-at-home mom (for heaven’s sake, that is not a vacation!), but I digress. Having calculated this meager number, I couldn’t see any reason why I wouldn’t dedicate a single one to someone who has dedicated her last 32 years to me, the last dozen+ to Evan and me, and the last four to our children. As an aside, I love her to pieces and we get along great, too. 

With no great plan, we ambled, perused my favorite boutiques, sampled delicious eats, and enjoyed amazing drinks. Had we had more time, I would have worked in a few hours at the spa. There is always next time, but until then, I will remember every little detail, our every conversation, her advice, the stories she told me about her youth, and just … just her. Until next time, Mom, which hopefully won’t be years from now.



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