New Beginnings

What weekend? We aren’t complaining since our weekends seem to fly because we’re having a good time. Sophia started school this past Wednesday and we’re getting into the swing of things with drop-offs, pick-ups, snacks, and learning to be punctual. Summer’s definitely over but the warm weather persists and there is no better place we’d rather be than in the city on a warm weekend day.

STEAM or Science Technology Engineering ART & Math is something we’re enjoying as of late. Sophia threw clay for the first time ever. She loved it. I loved it, more; I loved seeing her trying and learning something new.

FullSizeRender 5

Here is a video of her actually doing it.

After throwing the clay, she painted her bowl which will then be glazed, cured, and fired.

FullSizeRender 7

We can pick it up in a few weeks. The studio which sponsored this amazing event (where Sophia also contributed to the community sculpture) is also hosting several Family Days which we’re planning to take advantage of.

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We treated the girls to a breakfast out which, for them, is a special treat. Eliza has never been to a restaurant for breakfast before and thoroughly enjoyed herself. We walked home through Independence Park and, for the first time ever, Sophia asked us to read the placards describing the history of each site.
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And after all that, we made time to stop by a children’s toy store so well curated that I wanted to be a kid again just so I could play there.FullSizeRender 8Alas, all good things and great weekends must come to an end. Ours didn’t end without ringing in the Jewish New Year with my family and our family friends. Home-made mouth-watering brisket, mashed potatoes, three cakes, and more sides than I dare brag about mention made for a delicious meal but more than that, it was (as it always is) about the quality time with people whom I love.

FullSizeRender 3The sun may set on our weekend and this (Jewish) year, but it shines bright on new beginnings.

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