Life’s a Ride on the Carousel

Or rather it was on Saturday morning at the Please Touch Museum where we attended a birthday party celebrating our friends’ little girl. Sophia was so excited to attend and even though I am not sure Eliza realized where we were going, she jumped right into the swing of things once we got there. The party was just perfect. A bit of crafting, some activities, breakfast, cake, and a ride on the famous carousel.

Eliza is not such a huge fan of the carousel, so she and I sat that part of the birthday events out. Actually, our weekend started the evening before when Evan and I attended a parents’ association meeting at Sophia’s school and followed that with a dinner date. The weather was gorgeous and the association meeting was held outdoors—heavenly on a perfect Friday evening. I don’t remember the last time we went out to dinner on our own or walked the streets of Old City hand in hand after the sun set.

The weekend was a blur of birthday parties, dance classes and much-desired time with grandparents. We did find out that one of Sophia’s classmates was diagnosed with strep throat and I was (am) on pins and needles hoping that Sophia doesn’t catch it and share it with Eliza (and the rest of us). We took this opportunity to teach Sophia about germs (viruses and bacteria) and how they get into our bodies, what they do and why we have to wash our hands.

Late last night while professing our undying love for one another, I said to Sophia that I love her so much, maybe more than she loves me and she promptly replied “Not more, Mama, just different”. Those are some sage words and, just like that, I realized that she isn’t so little anymore. 

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