Weekending: The Big Leagues

There is nothing like a birthday to remind you that time does fly. We celebrated a spectacular milestone with family this weekend marking Evan’s and my nephew Alex’s 12th birthday. Where did the time go? When did he get so big? When will I have to look up to see his sweet face and kind eyes? Too soon, I fear.

We had had an eventful week complete with a cold, and ear infection, grumpy kids, and a few business trips to D.C., so I was relieved that all Alex wanted was for me to make my chocolate balls. P2Sweeter than the balls themselves is my awesome helper who donned her serious baking apron to help pour bittersweet chocolate over perfectly shaped spheres of chocolate goodness. For anyone who needs a few extra details, the balls are a double chocolate cake base with vanilla buttercream frosting dipped in bittersweet chocolate. Sophia loved being able to make something that Alex loves and was just as excited to sign her name on his birthday card on her own. This was the first time she signed her name. Ever.


Aside from dance classes and birthday parties, we are excited about seeing the girls play together more and more. Eliza loves PlayDoh and is enjoying cutting and stamping shapes into her rolled out dough. There may also be quite a bit of dancing and music at our house these days to keep the cold & rainy fall doldrums away. See for yourself.


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