Weekending: Celebrating the Birthday Bubbie

Good times, good times. We spent this oh so very cold and somewhat precipitous weekend celebrating. We toured a house in the city and followed that with an impromptu Valentine’s celebration at Tria in Washington Square West. That’s living in the moment for us especially when you have willing and able babysitters. And because no Valentine’s day is complete after drinks for two, we made homemade chocolate truffles dipped in … more chocolate … for Sunday. Sunday was Evan’s Bubbie’s birthday and we were joining the entire family for brunch at home. Sophia and I decided that homemade truffles would be the best gift because, of course, who doesn’t like chocolate? And, who doesn’t like chocolate truffles made by their great-grand daughter?


There couldn’t have been a more perfect way to celebrate someone so dear to us.


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