Mondays are tough for everyone. They are even tougher if they start at 4 AM as last Monday did for me. I had a one-day business trip to Richmond which resulted in a 4:30 AM departure so that I could drive there in time for a 9 AM meeting. My day ended earlier than I expected, but 6 PM still felt late. The best part of that very long day was coming home and seeing the surprise on the girls’ faces.

Monday was just the beginning and the week culminated with us hosting our nephew Alex at our house for a few days. His and Sophia’s spring breaks overlapped so we invited Alex to spend a bit of time with us in the city. He arrived Thursday afternoon, hands full of my sister’s hand-made hamentashen and other non-edible treats for the girls. The girls didn’t skip a beat with the face paints that he gifted them, or the hamentashen for that matter.




Evan had special plans for Friday. He took the day off and, as a surprise to them, took Alex and Sophia to the Science Behind Pixar exhibit at the Franklin Institute.

 We spent Friday evening with more face painting, pizza, a trip to the ice cream parlor, cartoons, and general family togetherness. 



Building with blocks, home-made pancakes, and crafting rounded out Saturday morning and Alex’s visit with us.


I could say that I felt like a superhero this week because it isn’t easy having a business trip and a house-guest all in one workweek, but the real superhero is Alex. I have rarely seen someone bear/give so much attention to these two little girls with great care and grace. It isn’t always easy being twelve and entertaining a four year old and a not-yet-two-but-already-acting-like-it. Their relationship is a deep one, rooted in love and a sense of family.

I am sad that the weekend is coming to an end, but grateful to have had such an eventful one.

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