The Early Bird


… gets the worm. Or in my case, the groceries and the cooking started. The time after the kids are in bed is my time in that I rarely cook, clean or engage in anything I consider to be a chore. Instead, I use the time to craft, relax, catch up on reading, television, and generally spend time with Evan. Chores have to get accomplished at one point or another and I have resolved that it may as well at least start with my first cup of coffee early in the morning. I am a morning person so the time doesn’t phase me.

That first cup of coffee accompanied by the quiet hum of the city as it wakes up is just magical. I tend to linger over the coffee machine looking out the window to people watch, daydream, and plan the rest of the day. That time is the highlight of the day as it is packed with endless possibilities.



Our weekend was once again busy with family events and we managed kugel, granola, oven-baked turkey meatballs, and a pear tart all before 10 am on Saturday. Good thing, too, because the girls don’t always eat what’s on offer while we are elsewhere and I often bring my own to ensure they don’t go hungry.

Sophia and Eliza have both embraced all things feminine and we have officially entered the tights and dresses stage. It is further accentuated by the jewels, necklaces, and hair accessories to ensure the most proper little girls emerge from our house each morning. Meanwhile, Evan and I emerge rather frazzled and are hoping (praying) that this is just a stage and that they shall soon see reason in our preference of leggings, t-shirts, sneakers, and all things casual and comfortable. A mom can only dream.

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