Three is Best

When it comes to celebrations anyway. This Saturday marked my third and final birthday celebration. Fitting it was, too, since this year I turned the double three or 33. Evan, the girls, and I hosted my parents, my in-laws and my sister and her family for brunch. We didn’t try to do anything fancy. Just bagels and lox, a vanilla-bean & rum bread pudding, my mom’s zucchini babka, and assemble-your-own granola parfaits. We presented everything on the island and decorated the spread with some very open tulips.

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You could say the whole thing was casual and effortless which is exactly how we prefer it. There wasn’t, however, anything effortless about the three birthday cakes everyone enjoyed afterwards. My mother-in-law brought her famous chocolate cake and my sister brought two home-made cakes. The first one was a farmer’s cheesecake laced with apples and topped with just barely toasted meringue and the second one was a multi-layered chocolate cake with mousseline topped with handmade truffles.

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FullSizeRender (9)So good were these that there are no leftovers anymore. It was the best, low-key celebration and I enjoyed seeing everyone catch up and spend time together. The weather outside had also turned glorious after weeks of cold and rainy days.

FullSizeRender (11)The only thing that topped the celebration was an invitation from Baba and Deda to have Eliza and Sophia help plant their vegetable and flower gardens. The girls spent their Sunday in Wilmington, most of it outdoors, picnic-style. The weekend was perfect, and for once, we are all ready and excited for the work/school week.

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