Fathers, Daughters, and Oysters

A family dinner out was a very foreign concept when we first moved to Philadelphia. The girls were 3 years and 3 months old and neither would sit through a full meal irregardless of having toys. Its been almost three years and we are just now starting to gather the courage to head out for an enjoyable dinner out. First Friday provides the perfect backdrop for a dinner date — Old City is buzzing with people getting drinks, food, looking at art and repeating much of the same. We decided to follow suit and have drinks, oysters, and finish the night off with an art gallery crawl and ice cream. Why oysters? Besides the fact that they’re … well … oysters, they’re fast to order and fast to serve up and thus provide a low-risk time commitment when dining with kids.

And, on occasion, we play tourist in our own city having walked over to the Liberty Bell on Saturday morning to learn about how the bell broke and what fix was attempted.

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