Why Do This Blogging Thing, Anyway?

The same question uttered by many different people: why do this blogging thing? The answer is fairly simple… and yet requires quite a lengthy explanation.

Life, despite what you see on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, isn’t one continuous trail of smiles, plates of beautifully arranged food, and lovely scenery. Even the best writers and the most poignant pictures cannot and sometimes do not want to describe everything in its entirety.

What this blog hopefully shows is how we turn our every-day, ordinary life into a series of extraordinary moments captured in pictures and savored as memories we reminisce about. There are as many happy posts as more serious ones. What I don’t wish to do is showcase an idealized existence. I try to write posts that cultivate introspection and thought on the part of the reader or have a specific message that can be applied in a more global setting.

Although appealing, I try to stay away from sensationalizing the blog. I also try to stay away from disclosing unimportant information about myself; No one needs to know that I can still do a perfect split or have an uncanny talent for instantly coming up with rap lyrics on any subject. More importantly, I am fully aware that no one cares, trust me.

Like everything else I do, I always ask whether something I put on my blog today served a worthwhile purpose for a wider audience.



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