Bare Bones

The thing about life is that sometimes things happen that level the playing field. What I mean is that everyone is equal in sadness and in extraordinary joy. Everyone cries when a loved one passes away and everyone celebrates the birth of a new baby equally.

We are often lost within ourselves focusing on what we want, what we need, frustrated about not getting the best deal, the nicest outfit, the best paying job, and being in the best shape of our lives. It all seems so important until you see the pictures from Moore, Oklahoma and realize the superficiality of it all. Pictures of kids pulled from a school’s rubble and families with infants standing in the debris of what you used to be their home drives home the message that there are more important things in life than just being “me” centered.  When all your earthly possessions are stripped away, nothing matters but the bonds of those who are around you and the helping hand of selfless individuals who help. My own take-away from events such as the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma is clear : live your life as if you did not have much and focus on those who fulfill your every day.


  1. Bubbie said:

    Beautifully expressed, Nadya. It makes us realize how fortunate we are. Love, Bubbie

    May 21, 2013
    • Nadya said:

      Thanks, Bubbie. I feel just the same way. Sometimes, though, all of us loose perspective and it is nice to be reminded of all the positives that we have.

      May 22, 2013

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