Promises, Promises

“Sophia, say I promise…” is something I find myself asking of Sophia quite often these days. She is at the point where we can talk to her and explain ourselves knowing she understands. She is also at the point where unruly behavior is no longer acceptable and we have introduced rules, promises and incentives to help her transition from a baby into a little girl.

But if Sophia is to follow rules and make promises, we ought to do the same and we do. For example, I often promise her dessert if she finishes her dinner or an outing if she plays nicely. In reality, our rules, promises and incentives are nothing out of the ordinary and are very typical in all
our every day lives; We promise to show up to work day in and day out, we promise to love, cherish and honor our spouses and we promise to respect those around us. In this case, we are expecting a not-yet-two-and-a-half-year-old to follow our suit.
At first we thought that perhaps this is expecting too much from a child her age, however we quickly learned that Sophia understands that if she follows through with her promises, we will follow through with ours. This has in effect become a matter of trust and in order to maintain hers, we have keep our end of the deal.

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