Weekending: Like a Thespian

Rain, rain go away, come again another day weekend. We prayed for the end of winter and the start of spring. Spring, however, has decided to come holding winter’s hand; It has been pouring non-stop for three days. Winter is blowing us one last snow-filled kiss as a grand, final goodbye. We were looking forward to entertaining our cousins from out-of-town, but decided to reschedule for a time when the weather is better. Poor Sophia had gotten a mean case of cabin fever and we decided nothing less but a big event would cure such an affliction. So, we decided to take her to her very first theater performance. Not just any theater, but a puppet theater at the famed Glen Echo Park. The Puppet Company had an Old McDonald’s Farm performance on the Tiny Tots Stage and we were delighted to get some tickets. The 30 minute performance was spot on and Sophia was enthralled during the entire show. Having enjoyed the performance ourselves, we are looking forward to returning to the park, to the Puppet Company and checking out the several artists in residence when the weather is better and the carousel is running. The park is only a 20 minute ride from home.

There was of course plenty of cooking at the house filling the dreary days with warm aromas. We made a meat, spinach and potato au gratin which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It boasted unparalleled flavors and textures due to the very crispy browned beefy bits flavored with Worcestershire sauce and the cream steeped with thyme and garlic. I must admit that we didn’t have Gruyere cheese or sage. We used Mozzarella as a substitute but will probably try the Gruyere next time. This is also a one-pot wonder which will last several days — my favorite kind of a dish!


The au gratin was balancing a very healthy meal we cooked up on friday night. Seared trout, salmon’s less flashy cousin, with oven-roasted sweet potato fries and garlic-y asparagus. The season for asparagus is now and so why not use something that is seasonal and local?!


The yogurt and maple syrup loaf that I made on Friday evening delivered as much lusciousness as a pound cake without all the sugar and fat. In fact, the loaf is made with a cup of yogurt and only a quarter cup of refined sugar!

Mar30_2Indulge we must, especially when the weather outside is so dreadful and so there are chocolate-walnut cookies upstairs in the kitchen. They are best with a sprinkling of Maldon sea salt.


Quite the productive weekend around these parts. Besides our jaunt to the theater, I also finished Little Failure — a story recapping a Soviet immigrant’s tale of coming to and growing up in America. It was a spectacular read. My reaction and review of the book deserves and will rightly get its own post in the near future. Lastly, I believe I have, on my 5th try, perfected a recipe for farmer’s cheese blintzes and will share my version in the next week or so. We are ready for the work week knowing our fridge is full of delicious foods and our minds are sated with literary delights.


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