When the dust settles

Time flies when you are having a great time and we’ve really been enjoying being rallied around by our families this summer. We can’t thank them enough for their visits, and visits, and visits, and visits. That being sad, I always feel a little sad on Sunday mornings knowing that they are heading home and to their own busy lives. We had the best weekend with Evan’s parents this past Saturday and Sunday and so when they headed home and the dust settled, we needed something comforting for dinner to make up for their absence. What better meal than home-made spaghetti carbonara? We’ve never made carbonara at home and I’ve never ordered it outside of Italy and even there, maybe once or twice. It is a true caloric splurge—one of those dishes you should eat very rarely if you’d like to maintain your current dress size. And so, we looked up a recipe, whipped out some pancetta and made this oh so luxurious dish. Just four ingredients—pancetta, pecorino, garlic and pasta.


As good as it was, topped with basil from our garden, it didn’t make up for my in-laws’ departure but it offered temporary solace as any comfort food can.

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