The Colonel and The Balerina

Among the things I love about being a parent is seeing our parents enjoy the girls. Experiences often provide the most happiness and so it was no surprise that dance class has created a special bond between Sophia and my dad. It is almost comical that a Colonel would love taking a four year old to dance class and it is the very fact that makes the whole experience so special.

Sophia is a ball of excitement on Sunday mornings knowing that Deda will arrive shortly and the two of them will head off to class. They hold hands, him almost having to lean over to reach her, Sophia carries a ballet-themed bag with her ballet flats, and they talk about what she did in class.

P1Eliza meanwhile has become interested in this special activity Sophia shares with Deda and now runs to the door trying to get her shoes on so that she might go there too. Alas, she’s too young for dance, but not for playing tea-time with her sister.


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