Sophia and Eliza really enjoy playing together. They laugh, share, and collaborate ninety percent of time and scream at each other the rest of the time. Long gone are the days where I instigate activities and play. I am most often an observer, sometimes a patient (when they’re playing doctor), and occasionally, a referee.

And while the girls enjoy each other’s company so much, I still want to have undivided time with each of them, to savor each one of them in their current age. I have found that the best way to do this, is to take each one out to a coffee shop for a babyccino. We talk as we walk there, order together, and chat about all manner of things all the while drinking our frothy concoctions.

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Just the other day Sophia and I talked about the art on display at Bodhi and Eliza and I people watched at Menagerie. Eliza loved the succulents on display at Menagerie and I am pretty sure we’ll be getting some to dress up our outdoor spaces this spring/summer.

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