The Fall

Just like that and without much warning the weather has turned. We cherish these fall weekends savoring each one as if it were the last one of its kind for the next few months. Trying to rest up from last weekend and all the festivities it entailed, we stayed close to home.


A classmate of Sophia’s celebrated his fifth birthday on Sunday at the Smith Memorial Playground and both the girls were excited celebrate such a big milestone. The party was great fun and included a magic show and face painting.





Alongside the change in seasons we are undergoing our very own changes and adjustments. Sophia is in Pre-K now which, like last year, she attends five mornings a week. This year we have added a lunch bunch once weekly hoping Sophia will begin learning the social aspects of sharing a meal with her classmates. Lunch bunch is taking some time to get used to because there is a mandatory rest time and Sophia is not a rester, much less a napper. As we work through this, we are trying to instill a sense of responsibility and adherence without stifling Sophia’s independence and expression of free will.

Eliza is also embarking on her own educational path with art and gym classes. I am especially excited about the art class as it will provide Eliza with the opportunity to explore different art mediums, be creative, and make a huge mess outside of our playroom. She will, hopefully, also begin to learn how to be in a class setting and follow directions.

These changes have been a challenging adjustment. We have forgotten what its like to have to wake up at six in the morning every single weekday, pack lunch, get two kids dressed and fed, deliver one to school, and then make our own way to work. Exhausted but sated from all the day’s accomplishments, we collapse into bed every evening looking forward to the weekend dreaming of more sleep, sunny weather, and fairies who cook, clean, and shop for us.

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