The dull drums of winter really are here. That inevitable slowdown we all feel after the humdrum of the holidays and after realizing that spring, any sign of it anyway, is still months away. Being in the city helps since we can walk to quite a few places and an outing for an activity or change of scenery doesn’t have to be a big event. We took the little ladies to the theater on Sunday to see A Year with Frog and Toad. I thought it to be simply spectacular. There was something for both kids and adults to enjoy and seeing Eliza take in her very first theatrical performance was amazing. Eliza sat through the two hour performance, taking it all in, without fidgeting or whining.

A Year With Frog and Toad at the @ardentheatreco was great! #growingupsavvy #philly

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There’s something marvelous about a weekend morning spent in pajamas. Those mornings are the kind have hot chocolate with your breakfast. Homemade hot chocolate. We’re tend to start with crafts where play doh and painting are among favorites. Not to be outdone, imaginative play is still king and Sophia is finally old enough to play real hair salon. Thankfully, she now has a playmate to be her customer and that playmate is rarely me. The fruits of her labor are evident in the picture below.

And, as I mentioned before, she’s also keen on photography. This is what she took all on her own yesterday.

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