For better or for worse our daily lives are married to technology. Content about any topic lies at the end of our fingertips and answers to most questions are just a few quick word entries away. And while sometimes there are questions we seek answers to, there are more times that we seek to be presented with information which, in the best case, will provide food for further thought.

Like, for example, the entry in Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Encyclopedia of An Ordinary Life in which Love is defined as, best I understand, the desire to be close and involved in another’s life. And it is true, love is the willingness to share yourself and your life with someone. But it is also the selfless, compassionate care for another(s) with the sole purpose of making their every day better. You know, that feeling that you get when someone serves you a hot, steaming, aromatic bowl of hand-made stuffed pasta? That’s love.

But besides all that, love is a clean house, empty laundry bins, and a fridge full of delicious foods that leave all the time in the world for focusing on what is truly important – family. Or maybe love is the perseverance and desire to make the above happen.

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