Dinner Date

This past Saturday Sophia “dressed in her work clothes, put her car keys into her purse, and packed her lunch bag. She declared that she’s getting her cardigan and going to work. I noted that Sophia accessorized for the occasion with her purple Cinderella necklace. It was very sweet and I was surprised to see how much detail she had committed about our weekday life.

Evan and I took her out to dinner on Friday in South Philly to a place of her choosing. It was a real treat for her and us alike. For us, it is the beginning of the phase where dinner out does not include toys, figures, dolls, or crayons. For her, dinner out means an opportunity to dress up a little bit, choose her own meal, partake in conversation, and participate in all the other rituals of dining out.

Individual attention, I feel, is crucial. It is often difficult to devote time and listening ears to everyone especially if they’re trying to talk at the same time. Whether it is with Eliza or Sophia, those rare occasions when my attention to them is undivided, are the absolute best and lead to happier, more emotionally-sated children. Friday evening, after dinner, as she was getting ready for bed, Sophia says “Mama, do you think that the sky is a big blue puzzle and that the night comes after all the puzzle pieces fall down?” Moments like this remind me that their innocence and openness to all possibilities is electrifying.

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