The Merry Week

There is an article in the newspaper discussing why America’s parents are among the least happiest in the world (at least among the first world countries) and that the issue is of most import to everyone, not just fellow parents. Moreover, the best help is always support that combats stressors (childcare, household chores). Our own household has been rocked recently due to the sudden and drastic unavailability of childcare due to a family emergency. Thankfully, my mom was able to step in and play Baba The Great Caregiver for a week. Her helping hands were entirely welcome and so, so appreciated. She topped off her week with us in the most lovely of ways — with a trip the Please Touch Museum on a torrentially rainy Friday. The girls, of course, loved their time and more surprisingly, to me, so did Baba. Experiences just like this one highlight that, deep inside, we’re all kids. 

The weekend couldn’t come fast enough and, with it, it brought a slew of spring cleaning and household organization activities. We finally started to organizes our little patios and make them spaces where we could spend time in the glorious spring weather. I am pleased with the progress and excited albeit nervous about getting some greenery and planters to further spruce up the space. For anyone who knows me, I am the antithesis of a gardner having successfully failed at keeping plants alive for well over a decade. Alas, for the good of the patios and aesthetically pleasing spaces, I am diving in once more into gardening or patio gardening. And this one picture? Just a papa decorating bracelets with some stick-on jewels. Spark-tacular.

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